2009 paintings

These are just a couple of paintings I've made. They're used to decorate the second floor of a restaurant in Romania.


Some of the early years paintings

000_ Still Life Inspired by a TV Monitor
-Oil on canvas, 60 x 80  cm, rolled

I sense the birth of a personal style...still in it's raw form...but I can see the continuation

Traditional style is back

   After so many years of doing caricatures almost exclusively and after using the digital technique I found it to be extremely refreshing working in acrylics. I missed so much this whole process of sketching, studying the human anatomy, thinking of new ideas and practicing ways to paint different materials...
   So here you have a set consisting of 4 brand new paintings. I've invested quite a deal of time and energy, I hope it was all worth while...fell free to leave a comment.

001_ That Night the Rivers Where Whispered Into Existence

The thought that inspired this painting was with the Inventor of the rivers and how He must’ve used the French language as an inspiration for his creation. I’m bedazzled with the passionate way the water curls and tumbles over the land with a nurturing life supporting attitude. 

002_ Maiden of the sea caught near the rocks of Cape Serval

Among the infamous silver crabs, the witty Jhar’eh, son of the Grinn La’er Sea, would come across these timid creatures. Although they know not to venture this close to the rocks of Cape Serval, this is the third one that’s been caught by our young fisherman this year alone. The seasonal residents of this frozen borough noticed that our man releases them after a while and that is coincidentally bringing him prodigious captures…it’s almost like he found a way to communicate with the illusive maidens of the sea.   

003_ Thinking for Days of New Ways to Act like Thinking

 This buddy of mine, let’s call him John, had an epiphany when he came to realize the limitations of his untrained mind, when he was suppose to formulate a proper point of view in a discussion, create a life plan, or even deciding upon the things that would make him happy. So, suddenly he became the observer of the character he created over the years and he was not content with what he was seeing.  The road is long I’m sure, I meant John…John is sure… He trusts the society to be right when asking him to grow up as he grows old, so no effort is spared in training this newly discovered muscle. He definitely doesn’t want to be called a lunatic, not even eccentric, so after analyzing his true condition, he’s finding new ways to mimic the thinking process. This should be good enough for now. Wouldn’t you agree?
Acrylic on Canvas, 60 x 80  cm, stretched    

004_ Should I Tell You the Tale of the White-tail Dragon?
I guess this is just a poetical attempt to agree with what Tim Burton said: “One person's craziness is another person's reality.”A series of paintings with imaginary creatures will follow this one. Since the matter of a reality that’s only an intricate set of impulses that are curiously interpreted by our brains is seen as a scientific fact by so many people, ogres and unicorns.
Acrylic on Canvas, 60 x 80 cm, stretched